Winter Goal Setting Tips!

You may not be able to ride as much this winter as you normally can or perhaps you are finding it hard to stay motivated in your weekly riding routine with most competitions several months away. Take this time to set goals for you and your horse so you have a game plan when warmer weather arrives. Here are a few tips from Practical Horseman Magazine!

"The key to success—and satisfaction—is to establish goals that are both realistic and challenging. It can be counterproductive to set the bar too high. You’re likely to feel frustrated and overwhelmed if you attempt challenges far beyond what you’re ready for. It’s also important for your goals to have meaning."

1. Choose goals that address your needs. 

2. Base your goals on your abilities. 

3. Keep goals specific and measurable.

4. State goals in positive terms. 

5. Remain realistic and value every accomplishment. 

6. Remember why you ride. 

On top of every rider's goal list year-round should be maintaining safety for themselves and their horse at all times. One way to do this is by always wearing a RideSafe medical ID bracelet to better prepare friends, family or an emergency responder in the event of an accident. Learn more about how they work and how they can save your life at:!


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