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Safety for Trail Riders...It Matters!

"Unfortunately, many trail riders don’t wear helmets–and there are a lot of avoidable injuries as a result. One friend had to be airlifted off a trail a few years ago after her horse tripped on some rocks and she suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Luckily, she WAS wearing her helmet, and it likely saved her life. The point is, putting “fashion” over safety is short-sighted, especially now that you can have both! ("

Today we are sharing an article which talks about the proper safety gear and essentials for those who trail ride! Sometimes trail riders don't wear helmets or prefer casual comfort over safety. Or because they are only walking or have done it a million times before they don't always think about their own safety first.

Click here to read the article with one author's suggestions of the best gear to wear when hitting the trails and remember, safety first...always!

Learn more about another piece of safety equipment we think you should…

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