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Fun Horse Facts: Part 1

Today we want to mix things up a bit with some totally random, yet amazing, horse facts to expand your equestrian knowledge. (Because, you're stuck at home so why not?) Some of these you might know and some might surprise you! Today we start part 1 so take a look below and enjoy :)

1. Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal. (Source: HorseswithAmie)

2. Horses can run within hours after birth. (Source: ScienceKids)

3. When horses look like they’re laughing, they’re actually engaging in a special nose-enhancing technique known as “flehmen,” to determine whether a smell is good or bad. (Source: Wikipedia)

4. At one time people thought horses were colorblind. They’re not, though they are better at seeing yellows and greens than purples and violets. (Source: The

5. A horse's teeth take up a larger amount of space in their head than their brain. (Source: LiveScience)

6. You can generally tell the difference between male and female horses by their number of teeth: …

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