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7 Winter Trail-Riding Hazards & How to Manage Them

If you are like most people and take a break from competing and training during the winter months you might enjoy exploring and trail riding new places. Winter scenes can be especially beautiful from horseback and trail riding can be a great way to relax and spend some time just enjoying your horse.

"Winter trail riding can be fun if you prepare with these tips. Of course, you try to avoid the trail riding hazards that might get you and your horse into real trouble, such as blizzards and ice storms. But Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor. A nice winter day can turn nasty in minutes. You might find yourself riding in snow far deeper than you'd anticipated or suddenly sliding downhill on an icy trail ("

In this shared article from Horse & Rider, they go over tips on how to negotiate seven winter riding hazards: (1) deep snow; (2) snowdrifts; (3) frozen ground; (4) ice; (5) packed snow; (6) freezing rain/ice storm; and (7) slippery mud/deep mud…

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