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Ride Safe FAQs: Part 2

Today we are going to continue our FAQ series to help people learn more about our product and how it can better serve athletes in time of emergency.

Where is my medical ID code found?
The ID code is on the underside of the face plate where it contacts the skin. This way, first responders can find it easily but it is not so readily available that anyone looking at your bracelet could find it.

What does the yearly subscription cost?
There is a $5.00 annual fee which includes website maintenance as well as reminder emails about updating medical info and future newsletters.

How do I access my medical information?
As a Ride Safe team member, you will generate a password that will allow you to edit and access your medical info on the medical information page of the website. So, once you are registered, you have an account. That account will allow you to edit your general profile (the information engraved on the plate), medical profile (complete medical history), and change your password.

Is my …

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