Staying Safe: Winter Workouts for Your Horse

Winter riding can be more difficult to manage but it doesn't have to be! We wanted to share an article from entitled 'Winter Workouts.' Whether you have access to an indoor arena or not, it is important to consider weather and ground conditions in addition to your horse's fitness level to maintain safety during your winter riding workouts.

"Winter workouts are valuable for maintaining fitness, preserving training, and promoting mental well-being. Winter exercise also provides an opportunity to fix problems in a horse's training and prepare both horse and rider for the upcoming competition or riding season. In addition to their exceptional credentials as experienced riders and trainers, all three have equine scientific backgrounds, lending their knowledge of the horse's physiology to their fitness plans."Click here to read the article and learn more about warm-ups, maintenance, conditioning and cool down strategies during winter.

To summarize, "consider how current weather conditions will affect your horse, adapting your workouts accordingly: If it’s sunny and the air is still, your horse will warm up faster, but he could work up a sweat faster and, thus, require a longer cooldown. Conversely, a cold, cloudy day might mean a longer warm-up, but allows for a longer or more intense workout with less sweat.'

'Remember: Winter doesn’t have to be–and shouldn’t be–a time of hibernation for your horse. Celebrate the colder temperatures: no biting flies, no debilitating heat, no scorching sun. Pull on your wool socks, don a pair of warm gloves, then go ride for pleasure, for conditioning, or for training ("
And above all else, keeping your safety first by wearing a Ride Safe Medical ID bracelet should be #1 on your winter riding to-do list! Learn more by visiting: 


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