Why Ride Safe Bracelets are for EVERYONE!! (Not just for riders!)

Owning and wearing a RideSafe medical ID bracelet is not just for equestrians or for people who do extreme or contact sports. Just because the logo has a horse on it, doesn't mean these bracelets are for riders only.

Having a RideSafe bracelet on you at all times can help first responders get to your vital information faster, reach out to your emergency contacts and not have to guess about allergies or medications if you are unconscious. RideSafe bracelets are designed to be comfortable and stylish for everyday use. You can personalize them with various material bands, badges and colors to suit your preferences!

You never know when something will happen and your RideSafe bracelet could save your life. What are you waiting for?

Learn more by visiting: www.teamridesafe.com today!


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