Fall Barn Check: Safety First!!

Fall is in full-swing and if you love the cooler weather and the crinkles of leaves you might be trying to take every spare minute you have to go for a ride!! As fun and rewarding as fall-weather riding is, it's so important to not neglect or forget about your barn! Especially if you keep your horses at home, performing a thorough look over before winter sets in is important. Keeping yourself and your horses safe this fall is a must! Thanks to this great article from Horse & Rider magazine, here are a few things you can do to use this quick checklist to keep your barn safe for you and your horse.

  • "Aisles should be at least eight feet wide to allow a horse and handler to turn around easily, or two horses to pass without crowding.
  • Ceilings should be high enough to avoid contact with a rearing horse's head; nine feet or more is generally sufficient.
  • Floors must provide non-slip footing. Textured concrete is a safe, inexpensive option for a barn aisle
  • Light fixtures must be mounted where curious muzzles cannot reach them, or else encased in sturdy wire cages.
  • Stall doors should never swing inward--a hazard for someone trying to exit when a horse is also eager to get out. Side-sliding doors mounted on rollers are safest.
  • Repairs to barns and fencing are best made immediately, before a loose board, protruding nail, or damaged gate can cause injury to horse or human.
  • Clutter in and around the barn is always a safety hazard; make sure aisles and commonly traveled pathways are clear of feed cans, push brooms, saddle racks, wheelbarrows and the like (horseandrider.com)."
Keep your own safety in check by always wearing a Ride Safe Medical ID bracelet! You never know when an accident can happen so be prepared at all times and have your information easily accessible. www.teamridesafe.com 


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