Be a Good Steward: 10 Tips for Trail Riding on Public Land

Hello riders & members of Team Ride Safe! As we have talked before about safety tips for trail riders when venturing out, it is also important to keep in mind the grounds we are so lucky to ride on! Being a good steward of the trails, especially on public land, is imperative to keeping the trails safe for all riders and for future use. Thanks to our friends at we are sharing a few trail riding tips to help protect the precious lands we can enjoy with our four-legged friends!
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  1. Carry a manure fork, muck bucket, and garbage container in your trailer.
  2. Encourage your horse to walk forward when defecating on the trail.
  3. Teach and encourage your horse to ride through puddles. 
  4. In the parking area, avoid driving your truck and trailer over vegetation or into sensitive areas or widening parking areas in any way.
  5. Cross water bodies single file to avoid widening areas further.
  6. If possible, avoid tying your horse to trees or vegetations that he can damage.
  7. Observe wildlife from a distance.
To read more in depth about each one of these trail safety and preservation tips, visit the original article link here

To learn more about why you should wear a Ride Safe bracelet whenever around horses, especially if exploring trails, visit:


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