6 Ways to Set Goals for Riding Success

For many riders of all disciplines the fall competition season is quickly approaching. And while our #1 priority is making sure that all of our riders are riding safely, it's also fun and important to start thinking about goals for the upcoming season. So in order to help our readers and riders do that we are sharing a quick but informational article from Practical Horseman on six ways to help set goals for your riding success!

"Whether you ride for pleasure or the thrill of competition, setting realistic goals can increase your enjoyment of the time you spend in the saddle. Having well-defined and reasonable reference points to strive for gives your effort purpose. Plus, you’ll be able to congratulate yourself each and every time you achieve what you aim for.'

'The key to success—and satisfaction—is to establish goals that are both realistic and challenging. It can be counterproductive to set the bar too high. You’re likely to feel frustrated and overwhelmed if you attempt challenges far beyond what you’re ready for. It’s also important for your goals to have meaning. For instance, if they don’t include the riding benefits that are most important to you, the ones that keep you riding—say, relaxation or time spent with friends—even big achievements won’t be fulfilling. That’s why it’s necessary to design and work toward goals that offer satisfaction instead of stress (Practical Horseman Magazine)."

1. Choose goals that address your needs.
2. Base your goals on your abilities.
3. Keep goals specific and measurable.
4. State goals in positive terms.
5. Remain realistic and value every accomplishment. 
6. Remember why you ride.
To read in depth about each one of these tips, visit the article link here.   

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